In response to the current situation we are facilitating pre-diagnosis to all past and new patients at home.

Are you experiencing any pain or discomfort?

Get a Video Consultation with your local dentist

  • Visually connect with your local dentist without leaving your home
  • Get a pre-diagnosis and advice at time that suits you
  • Fast-Track Dental emergencies if required to help with your needs

Do you have any of these issues?


Toothaches have several underlying causes that may be causing you discomfort. You should seek advice to prevent further issues.

Broken Tooth/Lost Filling

Whether your broken tooth is the result of a cavity or external event, you’re going to want to see a dentist immediately.


If you have an emergency or need urgent care, then we recommend you call us directly to assist you as soon as possible.

About Your Dentist

Dr. Sasha Rutnam

Dentist at North Shore Dentistry

Dr. Sasha Rutnam has lived and worked on the North Shore of Sydney for over 25 years. She provides general dental services and has extensive experience in cosmetic, orthodontic and implant dentistry. She enjoys treating both adults and children alike. Her practice also prides itself in specialising in treating patients who suffer from dental fear and phobia.

Speak to Dr. Sasha Rutnam to discuss your concerns.


(02) 9449 9366

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